Django Unchained
Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Les Misérables
Zero Dark Thirty
Beasts of the Southern Wild
06:47 May-27-2013
yeah jango
Scott Gingold
09:21 Aug-23-2013
I would have nominated Moonrise Kingdom instead of Beasts of the Southern Wild.
03:01 Jan-18-2014
I would have nominated The Master instead of Beasts of the Southern Wild
03:34 Feb-02-2014
Promised Land instead of Zero Dark Thirty
Diego McArthur
12:44 Apr-15-2014
"The Master", "Moonrise Kingdom", "Cloud Atlas", "Bernie", "Holy Motors" and "Seven Psychopaths" instead of "Life of Pi", "Lincoln", "Les Miserables", "Amour", "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild"
Scott Gingold
01:53 Jul-17-2014
I haven't seen Amour, but here's my thoughts on the others: Argo - 3.5/4 stars. A solid thriller with some clever writing and good performances all around. Ben Affleck gives a good performance as well. Beasts of the Southern Wild - 2/4 stars. I really tried to like it but it was very slow paced and too artsy for my taste. They kept cutting back and forth between the main story and her "fantasy" segments which I found distracting. Best performance was Dwight Henry as the father and the stunt work was convincing during the flood, but other than that it didn't really hold my interest. Django Unchained - 3.5/4 stars. I've seen this multiple times now and it keeps getting better. Waltz, DiCaprio & Jackson are magnetic and the script is very entertaining. It drags a bit towards the end after the Calvin Candie showdown, but still a fun ride all the way through.
Scott Gingold
01:56 Jul-17-2014
Life of Pi - 4/4 stars. My favorite film of 2012. A wonderful mix of beautiful imagery and throught-provoking story. Suraj Sharma gave a great physical performance and the visuals were breathtaking. I know it angers some people, but I love the ambiguous ending. Lincoln - 3.5/4 stars. Day-Lewis and Field are terrific and the dialogue is well-written. It felt like they really did their research on our 16th president and it shows.
Scott Gingold
12:54 Jul-18-2014
Les Miserables - 3/4 stars. This got better with a second viewing. It's pretty faithful to the stage play which I've seen, except for the director's insistence on close-ups and having the actors sing directly into the camera. I'll forgive those indulgences though, because as a film it is technically beautiful, has a strong story and strong performances, particularly from Jackman, Hathaway, Carter & Cohen. Crowe's a little weak, but not terrible. Silver Linings Playbook - 3.5/4 stars. This film has definitely grown on me. Cooper is very believable and intense and Lawrence is raw and charming at the same time. De Niro & Weaver were okay but worked. The dialogue is very witty and the dance sequence at the end was electric. Zero Dark Thirty - 2.5/4 stars. I was disappointed. It's well-made in its camera work and editing, but it is slow paced in the script and a bit boring at times. Jessica Chastain was good but not amazing and overall the effect of the film was muted for me. It
Scott Gingold
12:55 Jul-18-2014
felt by the books. I was most impressed with Jason Clarke's role.
Kyle McGrath
03:41 Sep-01-2014
All of the people that are saying Beasts of the Southern Wild should not have been nominated are crazy. The movie is crazy amazing and it depicted the life of a family that audiences never get to see. Not every southerner is a hillbilly with no teeth and a banjo. This shows the beauty of a father and daughter relationship. The movie's screenplay is pure poetry and is so captivating to hear. Quevenzhane was nominated because it takes an immense talent to be able to portray words as beautifully written as that of Beasts of the Southern Wild. Beasts or Life of Pi should have won. Argo was complete shit and was worse to sit through than watching grass die.
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