10:50 Feb-26-2015
Deserved everything, Who cares about a movie shot in 12 years, its Harry Potter just with out visual effects and Sy-Fy
11:15 Mar-03-2015
You're clearly ignorant to masterful film-making. Boyhood represented an interesting step forward in the creation of narrative structure for cinema, while eschewing traditional coming-of-age milestones and obvious dramatic signposts, and taking multiple 'insignificant' life moments and adding them up into something so much bigger. Birdman is great, Boyhood is a masterpiece.
12:08 Mar-04-2015
Boyhood is Harry Potter there is no materspiece to it. Academy likes movies about movies or plays. I kept checking the time on my phone when i watched boyhood so many scenes not important. They kept jumping plot story points. One minute they are leaving the dad and then they are some where else, and i am like why arent they going to explain about the past. So pointless movie.
Jim. N
12:12 Apr-04-2015
Wow, it's clear to see the types of people that appreciate each film just from this. Grand Budapest probably deserved this award anyway, not least just because Wes Anderson deserved something.
10:28 Apr-15-2015
Yeah but Academy likes it when they talk about movies, and the comedy was new and fresh, Wes Anderson just makes the same old script like usual
Jim. N
11:01 Apr-21-2015
Can you expand on how Anderson makes the same old script?
09:27 May-11-2015
it all sounds the same from the royal tenabombs to the wierd bird movieish he made ugh terrrible dialog
Jim. N
09:59 May-13-2015
I would try and explain Auteur theory to you, but I get the feeling that it would be a pointless endeavour.
Bryan L.
01:24 Feb-05-2016
No love for Nightcrawler?
Scott Gingold
10:41 Feb-07-2018
2017 1 Three Billboards 2 The Shape of Water 3 Get Out 4 The Big Sick 5 Lady Bird 2016 1 20th Century Women 2 Manchester by the Sea 3 Hell or High Water 4 La La Land 5 The Lobster 2015 1 Inside Out 2 Ex Machina 3 Straight Outta Compton 4 Bridge of Spies 5 Spotlight
Scott Gingold
10:47 Feb-07-2018
2014 1 Nightcrawler 2 Foxcatcher 3 The Grand Budapest Hotel 4 Boyhood 5 Birdman
Troll 2
08:48 May-08-2018
Y'all have poor taste, honestly.
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